My top 5 titles seen in September

9 films and 2 TV shows and a documentary will definitely increase as I get into the meat of my film course, but for now here’s a quick top 5, (spoiler, Murder House didn’t make it)

5. Sightseers

This Ben Wheatley directed road movie with a twist wears it’s sardonic smile on it’s sleeve. Like all of Wheatley’s movies it walks to line between horror and comedy expertly and boasts a standout performance from Alice Lowe

4. Stranger Things


This Netflix original series is heart-warming, hear-breaking, heart-stopping, beautifully shot, beautifully scored, immaculately acted drama packed full of nostalgia, although the nostalgia isn’t nearly the best thing about it. It’s also the first thing I ever reviewed on this blog.

3. Hugo


This Martin Scorcese family picture is a joy to behold, full of stunning, enchanting, endearing performances and beautifully rendered on screen, Hugo is one of the few Scorcese films you can show your kids, thank fuck then it’s fantastic.

2. The Prestige


This fascinating little puzzle box of a movie from the Nolan brothers, Chris and Jonathan, is so much more than just a puzzle box. Filled with more twists than a rope ladder and enough melancholy for any Lars Von Trier movie (sorry Lars I love you really), this is my favourite Nolan film, but not my favourite film I watched and reviewed this month.

1. The Thing (1982)


Was it ever going to be anything else? John Carpenter pulled of such a feat with this film. Halloween has been called the death of horror films with a brain but maybe if this film had picked up more money that wouldn’t have been the case (not that I think it’s true, I think modern horror film have just as much capacity to be about something than any of the others, anyway any intelligence horror films normally have is due to the political context it’s created in, thus the fears it exploits). Sorry, I’ll uh, stop ranting and let you watch the movie eh? Here’s to a fantastic October x


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