The New Order?-The Subversive Role of Sex and Women in Wolfenstein.

One of my friend’s blogs, really insightful gaming articles, she puts in far more work than I do I just spit these reviews out, (honestly why do you follow me?) but yeah give this blog a follow it’ll be worth it

The Game Hack

wolfie-2(Spoilers throughout pertaining to character development and the game’s conclusion)

Wolfenstein The New Order is a game that story wise seemed to come as a shock to many upon its release back in 2014. Reading reviews at the time the comments about the narrative felt somewhat disparaging (phrases like “far better than it has any right to be” were thrown around a lot). As someone born in the late 90’s ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ was before my time but by 2014 I was cognisant enough of gaming culture to equate Wolfenstein to ‘the one with Hitler in a mech suit’. So on a whim due to the comments about the surprising subtlety of the game’s story (given the series’ pedigree) I picked up The New Order. What I discovered was not just an exhilarating, over the top shooter but a game that approaches sex and female characters in a fascinating and nuanced…

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