Top 5 Titles Seen In October

As we begin to set up festivities for Christmas nearly a whole two fucking months early… let’s take a look back on a month of fantastic Halloween horrors, as well as some other fantastic films from the month. Are you listening carefully..? Good, then let’s begin

Honourable Mentions


A couple of films I want to mention that unfortunately didn’t make the cut, Green Room and 13th are both admirable efforts but what I really want to talk about is the tragically underseen Black Mountain Poets which is a really fantastic film that everyone should see because it really is a delight, see it! Now!


You’re not seeing it, go go see it!

5. The Babadook

hero_thebabadook-2014-1This bleak, soulful modern horror classic The Babadook is a superb debut effort from director Jennifer Kent. It’s stylish, sad, and scary and I just don’t, I just, don’t, understand horror fans who don’t like it. I havn’t come across a single member of the horror cognoscente who havn’t liked it. No jumpscares, little gore, it’s great, just great.

4. The Neon Demon


I rounded off my October rather nicely with this hypnotic, stylish, seductive, gory, and endless sordid horror/fantasy/drama that’s everything and nothing all at once, it’s such an interesting movie that cuts deep and will not leave you indifferent. I love it.

3. Mean Girls


I once had a friend complain about Mean Girls, absolutely hate Mean Girls, he said it was ‘vacuous’, which I don’t think is right. I had vacuous characters but the film itself is not, in fact I think it has a really clever, sardonic wit. It’s great, it’s inventive, satirical and really fun. It’s incredibly quotable, but has a thesis about high school being like the jungle, and pushes quietly and well, whilst the audience drown it out with laughter at its wonderful script.

2. Blade Runner – The Final Cut


Intelligent, well made, sad, exciting sci-fi neo noir. The final cut mind.

1. Pulp Fiction


There’s very little to say about Pulp Fiction that hasn’t been said already, what will say is that whilst it occasionally drags Pulp Fiction is just incredibly fun. Funny and thrilling and burst with wacky characters and scabrous humour. It’s been a good month for this blog, here’s to the next one!

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