Top 5 Titles Seen and Reviewed in November

Titles not Reviewed

There a few films I just didn’t have time to review that I’ll cover quickly now

The Light Between Oceans


A bit of a dissapointment after the grit of the director’s last few films, seeing as he seems to have traded it in for schmaltz, but maybe that’s not an aweful thing. It is a bit hokey, but it’s beautifully shot and it made the 80 year old behind me cry. In the end I guess it’s not for me and if it’s getting the older generations to go the cinema that’s fine with me. Rock on!



An interesting French film, and seeing how much I’ve slagged off French Cinema in the past it’s actually pretty good. It follows a group of girls as they grow up and change in the French council estate equivolents. It’s a bit cliche and it does fall into the thing I’ve noticed French cinema do of romanticising figures that I wouldn’t, but maybe I shouldn’t judge. It’s also great to give young girls things to see at the cinema that’s just as interesting and filmic than the things aimed at a male audience. 

Martha Marcy May Marlene


An intersting little psychodrama rich with good performances, some really well used 35mm cinematography and thought prooking and chilling sequences, even if it meanders a tad and has an ultimately unsatisfying ending. 

Honourable Mentions

In terms of honourable mentions, last year we had some really intersting films that didn’t make it into the top 5, such as Black Mountain Poets and Green Room, the later of which I actually really regret not putting in the top 5 now, this month the only honourable mention I really want to mention is Nocturnal Animals, it’s been a good month for Amy Adams, especially with this psychological thriller. 


Now for the actual top 5

5. Train to Busan


This Korean zombie thriller has some incredibly tense and exciting set peices and some political bite to boot. It’s kinetic, heartfelt, and exciting. I nearly cried and in a film this violent that’s fucking impressive. 

4. There Will Be Blood


I do love Paul Thomas Anderson, and I do love Daniel Day Lewis, but this film is so dense that it takes away from it’s technical mastery. Studying it in film studies bares many fruits and this was my most enjoyable time of watching it. It’s not perfect, but it is an aweful lot of fun with its hammy performances and incredible atmosphere. 

3. Arrival


This might be my favourite film of the year if it was more tonally consistant and it’s sci-fi twist hung together in the way it thinks it does but this Amy Adams/Denis Villneuve colab is a melacholic, intelligent film that will have parents showing to their kids and turning it off before the ending for years to come. 

2. I Am Not A Serial Killer



This is close, it’s been a good month when you see 2 films that you know will be in your top 10 at the end of the year. This film is so great I’m disapointed my review for the gryphon was only a LIFF review online because more people need to know this film exists. It’s so class, and really intersting. 

1. Don’t Breathe


What classy sleaze. Gotta love it. 

Reviews – Nocturnal Animals

Train to Busan

There Will Be Blood


I Am Not A Serial Killer

Don’t Breathe


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