Top 5 Action Movies of the 2010s So Far

Because I have no films to review for you at the moment

Honourable Mentions

First of all, props to JJ Abrahams this decade. Not only is maybe Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens my favourite JJ Abrahams films, but it’s also my favourite Star Wars movie, although granted the bar wasn’t very very high. force-awakens-rey-bb8_0

He’s also involved in 10 Cloverfield Lane, which isn’t an action film but is a really good action sequel.


My standards for movies tends to be quite high, whether that’s my standard for a brilliant movie or what makes a terrible one, so I was going through action movies from this decade being like, “no Captain America: Winter Soldier, no X-Men: First Class“, seriously can we just have a sequel with a fucking number, even Jurassic Park which beforehand had the right idea, 1,2,3, has gone to Jurassic World. One person who seems to have the right idea of high-concept, action minded cinema is Rian Johnston, which is why I’m so excited for his Star Wars effort after Looper. A really genuinely intelligent sci-fi action noir film, it does get ridiculous at times but don’t they all.


I do think it was the right idea for JJ Abrahams to leave Star Trek because he’s made a good Star Wars film, and the new Star Trek Beyond film is a whole load of fun, best of the trilogy.

Also quick shoutouts to Deadpool and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Congrats to Simon Pegg for choosing such good projects yo.

5. Mad Max: Fury Road


This was really close, and look, I know everyone jizzed their pants over this movie, and I am a tad guilty of this, but it’s probably the most imperfect of the 5. It’s about half an hour too long, although if you’d ask me I’d have no idea what to cut because it’s all fantastic ott glory. Beautifully shot and vicerally practical.

4. The Raid


I havn’t seen The Raid 2 I’m so sorry. That being said, The Raid is still a balletic, beautiful, but brutal action martial arts film that puts most western movies to shame. Interestingly made by a Welsh man.

3. Edge of Tomorrow

maxresdefault (3).jpg

Don’t you love an intelligent action movie? More of that to come but coming from Jez Butterworth, the man behind Jerusalem it really sholdn’t suprise you to find a film full of heart, verve, laughs, and brains. It goes a bit action set peicey, Transformersy at the end, but it’s really great in general.

2. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World


YES IT’S AN ACTION FILM SHHHSHSHHHHHH! I love this film so much, it’s imperfect and a bit all over the place but to a degree that’s the joy of Edgar Wright’s films, how much of everything they throw at the wall.

1. Inception


^^^^^^^^ Spoilers.


But in honesty Inception is an intelectual soup of a film that hangs together narratively in a way it really has no right to. It’s really, great.


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