Movie Review: Blue Ruin


Director: Jeremy Saulnier

Writer: Jeremy Saulnier

Stars: Macon Blair, Devin Ratray, Amy Hargreaves

Verdict:  Perfectly fine

Blue Ruin was the second film by Jeremy Saulnier, director of Murder Party which I havn’t seen, and this year’s Green Room which I have seen and which like very much. I think that this is actually a better movie than Green Room, mainly because I think Green Room is a much easier movie to respect than love, and it was such hard viewing that I honestly don’t know if I’d watch it again. Despite Blue Ruin being his second film it has very quickly become Saulnier’s calling card movie, his Reservoir Dogs, and righly so because it is really good.  

The film follows Macon Blair as Dwight, who we are indroduces as a completely pathetic figure, and the first act of the film, which is almost wordless, basically constitues your basic set up to your basic revenge flick, the movie then asks what happens after than more revenge is visited, and attempted and botched. 

The movie really rests on the shoulders of its lead actor Macon Blair who was so good in Green Room, who has this real sense of melancholia just because his eyes are so big and expressive, and he carries himself in a way that looks just constantly defeated. The film is shot really well, it is one of the best looking movies of the last few years, it’s got this really indie vibe but also has a really good visual sheen that seems really warm that belies it’s nanstier edges. The score is really good and sort of reminiscent of that wonderful score for Drive by Cliff Martinez. 

It has a sort of darkly comical, gallows humour edge that adds a different dimention to it, when the violence occurs it is genuinely nasty and reinforces the themes of the film, although it does lack that practical, viceral edge of Green Room

It is a bit slow and that is a problem for the movie although it is plenty engaging. This film is more than just your standard revenge film, it’s really good and I highly, highly recomend, although I think I’d watch Green Room next. I think it has more replay value and it’s more polished and professional, this film won’t leave you feeling miserable and it is really intelligent and subversive. I don’t think at the end of the day the film will actually stay with you like Green Room though, and a few days after watching it, I can’t really think of that much to say about it. 


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