Year Round Up Part 2 – Films That Should Have Been Better

Just remember, these aren’t necessarily bad films, just ones we really deserve better from. So don’t get your knickers in a twist please. Anyway if you did it’s not like I’d change my opinion is it?BvS2.0.jpg

Oh poor DC. They just can’t get it right can they? First they hire Zack Snyder of all people for the mess that was Batman Vs Superman, then they actually hire a proper director with David Ayer for Suicide Squad, and they completely screw him around! They really need to take a long, hard look at themselves. Do better!


On the subject of leaving well alone, despite the merit that Rogue One undoubtedly has, I have many friends for whom this is topping their movie of the year lists and for me it probably wouldn’t crack the top half if I ordered all the movies I watched all year. I like you Gareth Edwards but you have severely let yourself down.


There were a swathe of critically aclaimed movies this year that, upon reflection, really werent as good as critics made out, as good as they may be. After the best picture sucess of Birdman, which I have abounding fondness for, for Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s next film The Revenant, a long gestating passion project, I expected more than just a beautifully shot endurance test. If I’d known putting yourself through as much pain as possible could win you a best actor oscar I’d have started starring in Micheal Bay films a long time ago. I fell asleep in the cinema. 


After the breakout sucess of What We Do In The Shadows, and the great reviews for Hunt For The Wilderpeople, I really think I’m justified in feeling a bit dissapointed. I mean, it’s good, really good, but it feels like a minor note in what will probably go on to be an astronomical career from Taika Waititi.

We also saw films like The Jungle Book, and Things to Come, two very different films that both got rave reviews and are making a lot of films of the year lists, but for me were just, kind of fine? Things to Come actually infuriated me for about half of it. Solid 3 and a half star movies, but from near 100% Rotten Tomatoes ratings, I expect more.

On the same theme of critically acclaimed movies that I felt let down by, I love horror films, and Under The Shadow sounded so interesting, and despite the fact it had good moments, and good ideas, it didn’t nearly utilise them to actually scare me, a horror film, whatever else it may do, needs to scare you.

Also I, Daniel Blake made me angry, but definitely not in the way Ken Loach would want it to.





Stay tuned for a top list of the year, and a look ahead to UK cinema releases for 2017


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