Year Round Up Part 4 – A Look Ahead

Total Film did a round up of films to look forward to in 2017. Do you know how long it took to get to an original IP looking through their list? TWENTY THREE FILMS. TWENTY THREEEE! Waaaaaaaaat? Right so here are the films that I’m looking forward to next year, and there are established properties here but there’s a damn sight more original names here.

Gore Verbinski is a contravertial director at best. I don’t mind him but then again I’ve never seen any Pirates of the Carribean movies. That being said, I really like his remake, The Ring and I really like Rango. His new horror film A Cure For Wellness, doesn’t necessarily look particularly original, even recently we’ve had films like Shutter Island and The Ward explore similar concepts. However, A Cure For Wellness looks like a really creepy horror film all the same.prevenge_01

Alice Lowe might be my favourite actress working at the moment, although she’s not in a whole lot. I could name Sightseers, which she co-wrote, Black Mountain Poets, and a bit part in Hot Fuzz, all of which she’s great in. We now see her return to writing but also making her directing debut with Prevenge with a great premise. A pregnant woman’s baby tells her to murder people, or so she thinks. I’m seeing it with a Q & A with Alice Lowe and I can’t wait.


In the same vein of the concept, weird horror movies like the last two, the new James Gunn written The Belko Experiment I will go see just for John Gallagher Jr.

We can also look forward to the new film from the hardest working man in independant cinema Ben Wheatley with Free Fire which just looks like a barrel of fun. A gun barrel!

I’ll uh, I’ll let myself out.


Moving on to two of the highest profile 2017 orginal IP release. Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk, which doesn’t necessarily look like a great Christopher Nolan film, but looks like a great film anyway. The trailer has made it abundantly clear though that Harry Styles was cast purely for his name and his adoring fangirls. Also; the new film from the director of WhiplashLa La Land, which my American friends tell me has maybe the best stab at best picture of them all, but we don’t get it this year in the UK although I am seeing it at an early preview on the 8th, 5 days before it’s released, so you’ll actually probably get a review before it’s released how about that.


Two very high profile adaptations coming next year I’m really excited for are Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, which looks like a launcher of one of the weirdest franchises since someone made a sequel to Donnie Darko, which itself is the weirdest franchise since someone made a sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. I missed A Monster Calls at the LIFF this year but it gets an official cinema release next year and I frankly can’t wait because it looks heart breaking.


Despite my hipsterish attitude towards the endless sequence of sequels, reboots, and comic universes, there are a few of that ilk that I’m really looking forward to. I’m going to talk about 8 today. 8! I know! I’m such a hypocrite!

DC keeps getting shown up. Which I’ve already talked about a bit on my year round up, but one thing they really keep getting shown up on is how to get actual directors to make their films and letting them make them. From Ken Brannagh, to James Gunn, to Scott Derickson. That’s why I am so excited for Thor: Ragnarok, directed by the one, the only, Taika Waititi. Expect quirky humour in this intergallactic, interdimentional road movie. Apparantly. Another way DC keep getting shown up is in knowing exactly what to do with the material at hand. They take themselves so seriously, aping after Christopher Nolan who knew exactly how to do a serious version of Batman, then the trailer of The LEGO Batman Movie looks incredible. I do though need to see the first The LEGO Movie first though, just because I am a dead fucking completionist. 


Bryan Singer seems to have finally run the X-Men movies into the ground, and Fox have demonstrated an appaling ability to let directors speak. So it will be interesting to see how Walk The Line director James Mangold deals with Logan, but either way I’m excited.

Another way I’m a total fucking hypocrite is that I’m really cyncial of after the fact sequel reboots like Ghostbusters, but that being said I am beyond excited for T2: Trainspotting and Blade Runner 2049. I mean they’re both made by proper filmmakers and both have fantastic trailers. Also, although no promotional material has been released I am beyond excited despite myself for Alien: Covenant, (seriously movie sequels what happened to numbers?).


Despite my sniffy-at-best review of Rogue One, I’m still kind of pumped for Star Wars Episode VIII, I mean The Force Awakens was really good, really good, and this is a continuation of that story arc, and it’s written and directed by the sublime Rian Johnson so we’ll see how this goes.

Despite the fact the first World War Z was decent but underwhelming, David Fincher, a personal hero of mine, is in contention to make the sequel, titles, unsuprisingly World War Z 2, (there we go, numbers for sequels Hollywood, see, it works!). If he does wind up making it, I’m in.

See you in 2017 fellow bloggers and beloved fans! If I have any…



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