Top 5 Titles Seen and Reiewed in December 2016

Spoiler: Rogue One and Suicide Squad aren’t on this list.

5. The Dark Knight


This Christopher Nolan crime drama soars; driven by commited performances and great filmmaking. It doesn’t help that I hate clowns

4. Jurassic Park


It’s kind of a shame this film has been ruined for me by the ‘what are those’ meme but this sci-fi family romp is effective due to a great screenplay and exhillirating direction, shame it is a tad camp. But what do I know? My favourite Spielburg is A.I..

3. Drive


This one is hard on one level because I wathed so many good movies this month that it’s really hard for me to constantly riff on them and make jokes but this film is great. I don’t care what you say,  I really don’t think film is so badass and melancholic and sad and exciting and viceral and I love it. It’s the most violent film that can make you cry!

2. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency


I know, I probably am in love with this title more than most, maybe it’s because I just literally now finished reading the book, maybe it’s because I’m a talentless hack, maybe it’s both! I just want Max Landis to respond to my tweets NOTICE ME SEMPAI!

Um… Ahem… Well.

1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail


I know that this film is maybe lower down than Drive on my list, (I havn’t checked), but the thing about these films is that your enjoyment goes up and down with every watch so my list based upon my favourite film watching experiences this month, goes down like this. THIS FILM IS A WHOLE FUCKTONNE OF FUN. Really, it’s just a collection of sketches that form an excuse for a plot and they’re all really funny. Go see it.




Rogue One – here

Suicide Squad – here

Listed movies:

The Dark Knight – here

Jurassic Park – here

Drive – here

DG’sHDA – here

MP&THG – here




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