Personally I’m a big fan of the film, I know it divided people but it created a really strong reaction in me, so I thought I’d give the book a go and I can tell you, I think the book might be, if anything, better than the film. If anything just because it goes further.

Instead of following the narrative of Laing purely as the film does, the book deviates between the perspectives of Royal, Laing, and Wilder. A political, polemical, yet deeply personal work from Ballard it came from a place of great pain and that’s evident in the book’s evocative, fiery writing. His political argument is much more nuanced than might appear at first glance, and although it is the victim of conceit, it is striking, and disturbingly beleivable.

Unique in it’s dystopia in that it takes place essentially now, or then I guess, extrapolating current politics and culture into where it could immediately deviate to, this helps High-Rise maintain itself as a burningly pertinent, and still relevant beice of dystopian horror fiction, which eliminates any hints of mysoginy it may bring up at the grand finale, which is very grand, and very bleak, but also not in a way.

Also watch the movie.


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