Into The Wild-The Film Noir roots of Firewatch.

New article from my friend at The Game Hack – I’ve not read it cos spoilers but she’s a good blog and deserves the signal boost so give it a wee look xx

The Game Hack


*Given its length Firewatch is a difficult game to discuss without spoilers. I’m going to be talking about the ending and advise playing it before reading this article.*

When the PS4 trailer for Campo Santo’s Firewatch made its debut at the E3 2015 Sony press conference I was fascinated. In just over a minute it promised a visually striking adventure with a unique setting, a comedic, entertaining dynamic between its leads and an engaging mystery to uncover. As someone utterly enthralled by the genre of Film Noir this final element is why the game spoke to me so strongly and why I was highly anticipating it before it’s release in February 2016. However, it wasn’t actually until my second playthrough of Firewatch that I fully realized exactly how deep it’s Noir roots go or how much it plays on and subverts the tropes and traditions of the genre. This post…

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