Thoughts on Trailer for The Beguiled

Sofia Coppola has always seemed terribly detatched, seemed like someone who likes to investigate cultures but never really explore it beyond aestetics. Whether it’s two Americans lost in Japan or people living in pre-revolutionary France but they still have contemporary vernacular and they dance around to the Sex Pistols. This looking to be the first thing Coppola’s done since the critically, ‘mehed’, A Very Murray Christmas, it looks like something new, much more genuine, much more exciting, and much nasty than anything Coppola’s done before which has always been a lot more lacidasical and insubstantial with works like The Bling Ring and Somewhere. It also looks a lot more stylishly made than any film previously that she’d done. It also looks like it might be that rare thing, a good remake, by someone who actually wants to make it, and frankly with the sparsity of good female directors being given chances in Hollywood, more power to her.


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