Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 – “Fight Club” (Review)

Forgot to reblog this at the time, (I was working on a different platform), but this is a review I wrote of the seminal David Fincher film, Fight Club.

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Written by James
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One of the more interesting things about Fight Club, David Fincher’s apocalyptic adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s ground breaking and even more apocalyptic 90s novel is the first rule of the eponymous ‘Fight Club’ within the film, (‘you do not talk about Fight Club’). Reason being, if one were to merely go beneath the surface of Fight Club just a little bit it would involve massive spoilers, which to a degree encourages you not to talk about it. So I’m going to try my very hardest to avoid those.

Y’know, the spoilers, those are the things I’m trying to avoid…


The film is a meditation on masculinity, media, corporate culture, gender relations, fatherhood, and collectivism, and if there is a criticism to be made of Fight Club it could be that that’s a lot of themes to balance which has led to a…

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