Why You Should Be Watching Halt and Catch Fire.

The Game Hack


Okay, so I know my blog is called The Game Hack and the 12 people who actually read my stuff (I love you all) are expecting something about games but indulge me for a second, please. I’ll be back with a piece on the flaws of Uncharted 3 soon but for now, I need to talk about a show that I love. Halt and Catch Fire.

Halt and Catch Fire is a show that people don’t seem to talk about and I’ve actually never met anyone else in the flesh who has seen it (without me telling them to that is). Whenever I mention it people always look at me like ‘I’ve never heard of that it must be bad’ (it’s not). I understand, good shows generally get talked about and dissected and obsessed over. I’m a bit of a hipster when it comes to TV so I tend to…

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