Joker (2019): Please Don’t Give This Awards

A Fistful of Film

Where to even begin. I suppose with context. 


I went in really, really wanting to like this. I’ve really felt like ever since ‘Joker‘ won the Venice Film Festival people have been out to take it down, as some kind of inner cinematic white-knighting, if I’m even allowed to say that. Some kind of spiritual reconciliation with one’s need to both punch up and down simultaneously. A conflict of online comedic film criticism that I’m sure a half-decent rendering of Arthur Fleck would find sympathy in. A half-decent rendering though, is very much, not what we have. 

I think really the only nice things I have to say about it is that the actual shooting of the film, the cinematography, the direction, is really nice, experimental, and edgy. The sound mixing is superb. Phoenix’s performance is, as usual, entertainingly committed. I also like how much it really…

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