Saoirse’s Cult Corner #2: Terra Formars (2016)

A Fistful of Film

In this column, cult columnist Saoirse takes you on a biweekly jaunt through the obscure annals of the cult film world. We’ll touch on everything from Giallo to J-Horror to Wakaliwood & so much more. If it’s a low budget genre film, or even a big-budget flop with a dogged audience, or even an undiscovered gem, it belongs here.

This fortnight, we take a look at one of Takashi Miike’s recent sci-fi actioner, Terra Formars.

I have a confession to make.

I’ve betrayed you all in one key way. This column was dedicated to showing you all the underground gems of cult film that define that area of criticism.

This edition of the column isn’t that.

What we have here is a film that deserves to be a cult classic, and ever since I first saw it on it’s Blu Ray release last year, I have made it my life’s…

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