Horse Girl – Slightly Less Than The Fascinating Sum Of Its Parts

Review I’ve written for this site that I coown

A Fistful of Film

Horse Girl’ is such a strange beast, (ha). It begins as something quite straightforward, a story of a strange girl living a desperately normal life. Early montages show with beautiful observation the bland charm of a hundred midwestern small talks. Alison Brie co-writes and stars as Sarah, a salesman at a crafts store who has these painfully mundane conversations, watches trashy tv, (lovingly recreated from shows like ‘Supernatural’ or ‘Grimm’), while making hand-braided lanyards for a horse that she doesn’t own yet seems to be her only friend. 

It’s tonally a very hard film to describe. The film goes down this track of an intimate quiet character study. It’s a film produced by the Duplass Brothers and the film does start off as something like ‘The Puffy Chair’ but with intelligible dialogue, but I actually think the more accurate Duplassian reference is something…

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